For the active boater

Whether you are planning a summery outing to a near-by island with your children, a fast-paced day full of water sports or an autumn fishing trip, Cross will always be your trusty companion. The heart of the boat is in its fantastic performance and superior handling. Its sturdy aluminium hull guarantees comfortable and safe travel no matter the weather. As an owner of a Cross boat you can begin the boating season right after the thaw and continue to enjoy the waters well into dark autumn nights.


The strong aluminium hull let’s you extend the Nordic boating season and explore even the outermost stretches of the archipelago.

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Comfort, style and durability in one

Comfort, style and durability in one

A high-quality, sturdy and reliable hull combined with the interior space of a fibreglass boat not only makes the Cross a dream to handle, but also provides excellent comfort for day cruising, leisure activities and fishing.


Fantastic handling characteristics

The heart of a Cross is in its superior handling. It provides perfect manoeuvrability for the skipper, ensures that passengers travel in comfort, and keeps the whole party safe on the water. Thanks to their sturdy hulls, Cross boats are not afraid of rough seas.



Your safety and that of your friends and family is important to us. For this reason, all Cross boats go through vigorous and extensive tests, starting with the design phase. The boats are tested in different conditions for hundreds of hours. As a result of careful design and testing, we can bring a safe motor boat to the market that everyone enjoys on the water. We do all of this so that you can feel safe and concentrate on what is important – enjoying the waters.


EmPowered by Yamaha

For years, Cross has been a highly valued boat brand with products that combine reliability, comfort and timeless style. The brand’s quality is also strongly associated to Yamaha, which helped in making Cross one of the most popular boat brand in Scandinavia.

EmPowered by Yamaha is more than a message about Cross’s performance. It is a promise that empowers. The promise speaks of how both the boat and its driver achieve entirely new experiences, together. Experiences, which are only possible with Yamaha.

Cross Q infotainment system

Cross Q infotainment system

The Cross Q infotainment system combines an on-board computer with a chart plotter and a diverse entertainment system, putting all the essential information and functionalities in one place. The intuitive touchscreen makes navigating feel like a breeze, as you can adjust the settings to fit your needs the best. By connecting your phone via Bluetooth to the Q system, you will see any incoming calls on the Q display.