Cross Q Guard service

Cross Boats' new Q Guard service enables owners to monitor the location of their boats remotely. The factory-fitted accessory kit extends Q Guard's functions to include bilge and engine status, as well as a remote heater.

Cross boats now available with electronic Q Guard service

Q Guard’s geofence feature for tracking the boat’s location is available on all boat models equipped with the latest Q2 display. Basic features also include an alarm if the boat’s battery is detached. The guard mode will be automatically activated when the user turns the Q Display off.

The Q Guard is managed with the Yamarin Q mobile app. The alarms will pop up immediately to the mobile phone and all status updates will be recorded in the guard log.

Information in your mobile

Extensive features as a factory-fitted accessory kit

A factory-fitted accessory kit is available as an option on new boat orders that provides a wide range of options, such as bilge and engine status, as well as a remote heater. With the help of the accessory kit, Q Guard monitors the bilge level and alerts the user if necessary. An alarm is also activated if the boat’s engine, battery or Q display is disconnected.

In case of engine theft, a loud siren will ring in 1 minute cycles. If the boat is stolen or unmoored, the app displays the location of the boat within 50 metres.

In addition to these security features, the mobile app can also be used to activate the boat’s heater remotely. This feature is available with factory-fitted Webasto heaters and the Q Series 2 smart display. The app enables the owner to switch on the heater while driving to the boat, for example. In addition, a timer can be set for the heater for up to six hours. 

The Yamarin app