An app connects your Cross boat to your smartphone

The multipurpose Q-infotainment system on Cross boats can now be used together with a new app on mobile devices. The Yamarin App provides access anywhere to information such as user guides for the boat and motor, as well as an electronic logbook that records not only the route and distance but also fuel consumption and weather information.
Cross mobiilisovellus

Since the beginning of the 2020 season, the advanced Cross Q infotainment system has been standard equipment on all Cross models. Cross Q can now be connected to the Yamarin App to transmit information about the boat’s location, battery voltage and fuel level, for example, to the owner’s mobile device. Cross Q features a large and easy-to-use touchscreen that brings together electronic charts, an onboard computer and an infotainment system, all part of the boat’s standard equipment.

The mobile app’s logbook uses the device’s own location information, so it can be used even without the boat’s Cross Q system. The app also makes it possible to share the logbook’s route details and images directly with friends. When the boat has the Cross Q system, the logbook automatically syncs the location information stored by the infotainment system with the app via a cloud service.

The Yamarin App is compatible with the Cross Q system and can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Cross Q wide infotainment display standard on Cross 75 BR

The flagship model in the Cross range, the 75 BR, is equipped with the new Cross Q wide infotainment display as standard equipment. The Cross Q wide system features two views that can be individually customised. 

Cross Q wide on uuden Cross 75 BR:n vakiovaruste

For example, the helmsman can select to view electronic charts on one screen and instrument displays for the motor on the other. The Cross Q wide infotainment display also makes it possible to view multiple charts simultaneously and to zoom in and out flexibly.

The Cross Q wide system features a digital switch panel as standard for controlling the lights, for example, as well as switches for the optional heaters and refrigerator.  

Cross Q

Cross Q is a Linux-based onboard computer and infotainment system that has been developed in Finland. For boat users, it takes the form of a large and easy-to-use touchscreen. In addition to nautical charts and electronic navigation, Cross Q contains the boat's entire instrument panel, user guides and instructional videos, local weather data, a radio, an internet connection and a Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used to share the Cross Q’s internet connection with other devices.
Cross Q also features the Yamaha Engine Interface that anticipates service needs for the outboards.

Cross infotainment menu

The Cross Q smart display can be supplemented with a number of accessories, including sonar, a high-precision fishfinder, an AIS automatic identification system, a premium sound system and a pulse compression radar. If AIS is enabled, the Cross Q’s AIS Collision Detection system alerts about other vessels fitted with an AIS transmitter that are on a collision course via a pop-up screen.

Cross Q complies with the NMEA 2000 boating standard, so boating electronics from other manufacturers can communicate with the device without any problems.

In addition to using the touchscreen, the Q panel can be operated by an optional remote control that can be mounted on the steering wheel or any suitable surface on the boat. The functions of the six-key remote control change depending on which function is available on the Cross Q display.

All Cross Q devices come with a one-year free Internet connection, after which it can be conveniently renewed via the Yamarin App.

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