Cross Q infotainment system, a standard feature in the 2020 line-up of Yamarin Cross

All 2020 Yamarin Cross boat models will be equipped with the advanced Cross Q infotainment system. The Cross Q's large and easy-to-use touchscreen brings together electronic charts, an on-board computer and an infotainment system as part of a motorboat’s basic set-up.

Cross Q menu

The Cross Q is an easy-to-use system that eradicates the need to acquire separate pieces of boating equipment such as a chart plotter or sonar. Moreover, the helm will look better and be more ergonomic, as there is no longer a need for a collection of separate instruments each conveying piecemeal engine data. Drawing inspiration from the automotive industry and smart tablet manufacturers, the Cross Q builds upon successful experiences gained on the Buster Q and Yamarin Q systems that have already been available for years.

”Today’s boaters expect to enjoy effortless boating, and this is exactly what the Cross Q delivers them. With the system, they have everything they need readily available in one place, be it the charts, engine data or local weather information as well as boating manuals and various instructional videos. The solution has already proven a success in Buster and Yamarin boats, and naturally we want to deliver the same experience also to the users of new Yamarin Cross boats,” says Artturi Niittynen, Head of Sales and Marketing of the manufacturer Inhan Tehtaat.

The Cross Q system with a 10-inch display comes as standard in all new Yamarin Cross boats in the 2020 line-up. New Yamarin Cross boats featuring the infotainment system will be available at authorised dealers beginning from September 2019.

Standard features include Internet connection, nautical charts, engine gauges and Wi-Fi hotspot

The Cross Q’s standard features include an Internet connection, C-Map electronic charts, Yamaha Engine Interface, local weather data and a Wi-Fi hotspot which can be used to share the Cross Q’s internet connection for other devices.

Music from appropriate data sources can be played wirelessly through the system’s applications. An easy-to-use FM and DAB radio is available. With the advanced wireless functions, the Cross Q is also economical in terms of power consumption, allowing you to enjoy music all day while out on the water.



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